A revolution and more scope to build business

“The VK300D-HS has been a revolution. It is at least five times faster than our old machine. Now we have a lot more opportunities to take on new orders.” Patrick Nermark, CEO of Screenbolaget.

“We could not have taken on all this extra work without investing in a Vanguard machine – our fifth through our partner Marabu, with whom we have a very long and strong relationship,” said Patrick Nermark, CEO of Screenbolajet AB. “Vanguard has an excellent reputation. It produces state-of-the-art machines and heads with a huge volume capacity.”

“The VK300D-HS is a rigid, stable machine and at least five times faster than what we had before. Now we have a lot more business opportunities.”

Changing market requirements and a need for fast job turnarounds with high volume digital production were crucial in Screenbolaget’s decision to invest in the award-winning system from Vanguard Europe GmbH, which followed extensive market evaluation. One of Sweden’s major suppliers of profile advertising and action marketing products, Screenbolaget is a £10 million-turnover company organically growing by around 7% a year and employs 42 staff in Stockholm.

“Until the summer of 2022 around 90% of our work was roll-to-roll and 10% was flatbed,” said Mr Nermark. “Suddenly flatbed volumes quadrupled going into the Swedish elections in September and are now still at least double. We could not do without this machine.”

The VK300D-HS LED UV flatbed digital machine is the fifth Vanguard machine purchased by Screenbolaget through Swedish partner Marabu.

This UV flatbed covering mid-and high end-range performance spectrums was built on the multi award-winning VK300D series, winner of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) Product of the Year for four consecutive years. This fully featured flatbed incorporates a high-speed electromagnetic drive system that propels the carriage at speeds of up to 1.8m per second for 60 boards an hour.

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