Scaling up as Vanguard Europe drives more sales

By Fabian Sottsas, Managing Director, Vanguard Europe GmbH

We are scaling up and growing at Vanguard Europe. In the first two months of this year, we have sold half the number of the 2022 year total – and we have ambitious sales targets for 2023!

Having settled into hi-tech ‘KRAFTWERK’, our purpose-built home next to Durst Group’s headquarters in South Tyrol, Italy, we know what a momentous year this is for Vanguard Europe.

Our European headquarters has the largest space at 5,500 square meters and is where assembly of the US-designed machines takes place. We are working well together in KRAFTWERK, the high-tech premises for Durst Group start-ups and spin-offs, in a fast-paced environment that will ensure success in Europe.

In addition to our Demo Center, we also have a training academy, presentation suite and assembly / storage areas, offices and a film studio, plus a dedicated media company specializing in BTB video and storytelling. All in a new space to challenge old rules.

The positive feedback has been incredible from visitors to our Demo Center, where all our industrial UV flatbed and roll-to-roll machines are displayed.

Starting from the VR5D – E right up to the VKR – 3200 – HS models we have something for everyone in the markets we serve covering the industrial UV flatbed and roll-to-roll printers spectrum with high-performance needs.

All machines feature an attractive price/performance ratio and can cover a wide range of applications thanks to their modular design and various ink configurations.

We remain committed to growing business together organically, a concept being realized thanks to a fantastic team effort by our dedicated, expert staff and partners.

Our thanks also to our customers who have given us valuable feedback as we continue our journey.

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