Vanguard is central focus for Horizon’s sustainability drive

By Declan Kelly, Print Manager at Horizon Digital Print

As an established Durst printing house, we’ve made many investments with the group over the years – and it’s been good news all round.

Now we’ve taken the plunge and become the first printing house in Europe to take a Vanguard digital machine, which has become the central focus of our sustainability drive.

The icing on the cake came when we won the Green Manufacturer Award in Ireland’s Green Business and Sustainability Awards 2023. In the process we beat the likes of household names such as Coca-Cola and others.

This major investment also involved LIFT ERP software from Vanguard Europe parent company Durst that is also helping to take our production to new levels, as we continue our transformation into one of Europe’s most sustainable and innovative printing companies.

The green credentials of the VK3200 roll-to-roll machine are why Vanguard is at the centre of sustainability drive.

Benefits of our fabulous, user-friendly machine from Vanguard include printing excellent quality products 10 times faster than previously at a fraction of the cost.

It has super-fast turnaround time, and the cost of the power consumption is predicted to be a 10th of the power our previous system, thanks to the LED functionality.

The Vanguard is so versatile –fabrics, PE, paper, mesh and PVC vinyl  are among many the materials we print on. It is an ideal product for our needs, with perfect image quality, and is extremely reliable.

For one of our clients in Dublin, JCDecaux, we have many positive comments about the quality of the lightbox skins that are all produced on the Vanguard.

What’s more, we had a painless installation that only took two days followed by a couple of days training.

With ongoing support from Durst and Vanguard we’re confident of continuing our ongoing sustainability and ongoing company success story.

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