Vanguard gets the vote from Screenbolaget

By Patrick Nermark, Chief Executive Officer, Screenbolaget

Our General Election wasn’t just good news for the Swedish democrats and the 349 elected members of the Riksdag, but also for us with additional work opportunities!

Compared to the summer, flatbed volumes quadrupled in the run-up to the election – and volumes are still more than at least double since voting was completed.

Before the summer around 90% of our work was roll-to-roll and 10% was flatbed.

We could not have taken on all the extra work without investing in a Vanguard machine through our partner Marabu, with whom we have a very long and strong relationship.

Vanguard has an excellent reputation. It produces state-of-the-art machines and heads with a huge volume capacity. The VK300D series is a rigid, stable machine and has been a revolution. It is at least five times faster than our old machine. Now we have a lot more business opportunities.

We invested in the knowledge of changing market requirements and a need for fast job turnarounds with high volume digital production.

As one of Sweden’s major suppliers of profile advertising and action marketing products, we are delighted to become the first European customer to invest in the new VK300D-HS series high production LED UV flatbed printer with 10 printheads.

Make no mistake, it was not a matter we took lightly. We carried out a full evaluation of the market and competitors prior to making the final decision.

But we’ve never looked back and are delighted with the results!

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