"We know we made the right decision with Vanguard"

“A printer well positioned and better priced than other competing machines - we know that we have made the right decision.”

These are the words of Stefan Wiezorrek, Head of Sales who has worked for 30 years at Foto Raabe, a company that specialises in school and kindergarten photography and is active in Germany and Austria.

“I was first introduced to Vanguard at a trade show. I was very impressed with the speed, the handling and the software solution provided.

“We realized that we could speed up our production by investing in a Vanguard. For example, the opportunity to produce school ID cards which we design in a ‘credit card’ format. The speed and high resolution of the Vanguard machines allow us to produce them quickly in-house.”

Mr Wiezorrk added: “We have recognised how Vanguard was introduced to Europe by Durst, therefore, having a big company behind it helped a lot. But we were also impressed with how well Vanguard is positioned in the USA, how many machines were sold there and how reliably they work.”

Foto Raabe photographs for around 9,000 organisations a year, of which 5,000 are kindergartens and 4,000 are schools.  

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