Investment gives peace of mind for Stibo to deliver

By Søren Henriksen, CEO of Stibo Complete

As one of northern Europe’s largest and longest-established graphic companies, we are proud of our investment in Vanguard technology and looking forward to seeing it fully utilized.

Our company has its roots in traditional printing industry but has undergone considerable transformation over the past few years to deal with changing markets.

Over the years, customers have experienced new needs, and Stibo Complete has been allowed to create the solutions.

As one of the world’s first customer of Vanguard’s VK3220T-HS high production LED UV digital flatbed printer (our configuration involves 15 printheads), we see the investment as having a positive impact on our business.

Our machine, which has been installed at our headquarters in Horsens, Denmark, comprises three rows of CMYK and three white printheads.

We recognise that digital printing represents a significant growth market.

Our collaboration with Vanguard and local partner Antalis will lead to significantly increased sales and provide up to 70% higher output, as well as cut down on outsourcing.

Vanguard’s market-leading digital technology gives us even more peace of mind to concentrate on customers and delivering the right opportunities.

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